Ep2. Welcome to Ebony Springs Part 2

Kay and Haylie realize some doors just aren't meant to be opened.


Taylor Long... Kay

Shelby Shukaliak... Haylie

Lee Shorten...  Aiden

Madison Isolina... Sadie

Kaysha Stack... Maxine

Jarred Stephen Meek... Mr. Watson

Stephanie Cho... Anna

Eryka Alanna... Mrs. Bradford/April

Zane Clifford... Nathaniel

Matthias Falvai... Dr. Miller

Erin Morgan... Mrs. Wellington


Casting Director

Iya Yujuico



Yan Clermont

Mik Narciso

Mike Nevada


Executive Producers

Mik Narciso

Ken Ang

Mike Nevada



Mik Narciso


Original Score by

Yan Clermont


Written and Directed by

Mike Nevada

About The Academy

High-school student, Katherine Sun, moves to the sleepy dock town of Ebony Springs, in hopes of uncovering the mystery surrounding her father's death. In Ebony Springs Academy, she discovers stories of magical masks and two mysterious figures hellbent on collecting them, by any means necessary.

Our network's very first narrative podcast!


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