Episode 006: Blah Blah Blood Coffee

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In today’s episode of Smörgåsbord, Angel and Mik talk about blood. Edible blood. Inspired by a trip to a Filipino restaurant, in search of the blood dish dinuguan, our hosts decide to look more into blood in food all around the world. They explore whether drinking blood is healthy for you and all the kinds of blood food you can eat from different countries. Also, Angel finally tries rice for the first time ever!

00:00 Opening Song

00:43 Show introduction

02:30 Mik discovers a new job

03:13 Real human vampires?!

13:44 Different foods with blood around the world

21:40 Taiwanese Blood Popsicles

26:45 Filipino Dinuguan

31:12 Blood Pancakes

34:33 Yak Blood in Nepal

38:11 Blood food in mythologies

44:44 Is blood good?

49:03 What’s in your palette?

Resources from today’s episode:

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About the show

Welcome to Smörgåsbord! A show where we explore the rituals, myths and all things strange about the world of food. Join the neverending silliness of hosts Angel and Mik as they discover strange rituals like bread and wine turning to the body and blood of a God, or holding carp as pets in bathtubs during Christmas.


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