Episode 004: Festive Ma-Czech-Carps

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In today’s episode of Smörgåsbord, Angel and Mik travel to Central Europe to discover the legend of the festive carps of the Czech Republic. It is said that during Christmas, the people of the Czech Republic would keep live carps hiding in their bathtubs before consuming these fishes for Christmas. What’s the deal?! Why do they keep them in bathtubs? Are they magical? And as always, do they taste good?


00:00 Opening Song

00:43 Show introduction

03:15 Where on earth is the Czech Republic?

05:55 Religion in the Czech Republic

10:49 Christmas traditions in the Czech Republic

14:40 What are carps?

18:48 The history of festive carps of the Czech Republic

21:30 The carp in the bathtub during Christmas

27:09 How is the festive carp cooked in the Czech Republic?

31:26 The tradition of festive carps today

36:34 Killing a carp

41:40 What’s in your palette?


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Welcome to Smörgåsbord! A show where we explore the rituals, myths and all things strange about the world of food. Join the neverending silliness of hosts Angel and Mik as they discover strange rituals like bread and wine turning to the body and blood of a God, or holding carp as pets in bathtubs during Christmas.


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