Episode 003: Transmorg.... Transust.... Transubstantiation

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In today’s episode, Angel and Mik go theological and discuss transmorg-... transubsti-... damn it, transubstantiation, the belief that bread and wine turn into the body and blood of Jesus. Does it really turn into flesh and blood? Why do Christians believe this? And most importantly, does it taste good?! Join us today on another episode of Smörgåsbord.


SPOILERS WARNING: during this episode Angel and Mik do discuss some spoilers on Game of Thrones, Get Out, and Detective Pickachu. Also, at some point Angel slurps loudly, so SLURPING WARNING.


00:00 Opening Song

00:43 Show introduction

02:43 What is transubstantiation?

04:46 What is substance?

12:22 What is a sacrament?

18:09 What is the Sacrament of the Eucharist?\

19:43 Do all Christians believe in transubstantiation?

23:33 History of transubstantiation

25:55 Is transubstantiation even in the Bible?

29:50 Does transubstantiation really happen?

30:58 Does the body and blood of Jesus taste good?

32:56 What is in the sacramental bread?

37:18 What’s in the sacramental wine?

40:03 Does the sacramental bread and wine taste good?

44:16 What’s in your palette?


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Why does the priest pour water into the wine and put a piece of the bread into the cup?” by David Philippart

Why Part of the Host Is Placed in the Chalice” by Father Edward McNamara

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Welcome to Smörgåsbord! A show where we explore the rituals, myths and all things strange about the world of food. Join the neverending silliness of hosts Angel and Mik as they discover strange rituals like bread and wine turning to the body and blood of a God, or holding carp as pets in bathtubs during Christmas.


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