Episode 002: Why Do Americans Eat So Much Food?

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In Smörgåsbord’s second episode, Angel and Mik, look into why portion sizes in the United States are so BIG! Even compared to Canada, food in the United States, are comparably large. A large drink in Vancouver is a small one in Seattle, the madness! Join us today as we explore the history of the growing food portions.


Also featuring some special guests to the show, despite being short on microphones.


00:00 Opening Song

00:43 Show introduction

03:05 What is a portion size?

07:51 The history of American portion sizes

19:58 Portion sizes today

28:45 Portion sizes across the world

37:18 The health effects and science of bigger portion sizes

54:35 What’s in your palette?


Resources from today’s episode:

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