Season 1 Short Clip: Robby Mamonluk | Music is a Family Affair

In this short clip, Nyex talks to guitarist, Robby Mamonluk, about music and how family plays a role.


Robby is the lead singer of Chelsea's Tail; a local band in Greater Vancouver. Most importantly, however, Robby is a son, brother, husband and a friend. At its core, Robby's journey through Rock music is linked to his love for family. From his first guitar from his father to playing alongside his younger brother in bands all his life, Robby is deeply inspired by the cohesive nature of his family unit. We also reflected on creativity and some of the ways Robby aims to impact Rock music with Chelsea's Tail. At the same time, we explored some of the ways Rock music impacted Robby to give him his hunger for expression.


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