Season 1 Short Clip: Philip Planta | The Vancouver Film Industry

In this short clip, Nyex talks to film producer, Philip Planta, about the nature of the Vancouver film industry.


In this episode of the Represented podcast, we speak to Phil Planta. Phil is an independent filmmaker who navigates the buzzing Vancouver film industry using his vision and inspiration. As Phil tells stories through film, he strives to always represent a variety of cultural perspectives. Phil's early life experiences particularly, reinforced for him the importance of being represented in films; among other things. As a Filipino boy growing up in Greater Vancouver at a time when it was undergoing major socioeconomic shifts, Phil also shares how this affected his upbringing and perspective on things.


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Special thanks to the Vancouver Public Library's Inspiration Lab

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Represented takes us on a journey through people’s lives. People from different backgrounds, with different interests, ambitions, motivations, needs and wants. Just like you, these people have something that wakes them up each day to fight their fight. As a host, Nyex explores a variety of conversations; ranging from light hearted, to deep and uncomfortable. All this is in an attempt to gain a wider perspective on each guest and hopefully learn something from their journey.


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