Episode 001: Robert Muthama

In this episode of the Represented podcast, we speak to Robert Muthama. Robert is a Kenyan-born, Vancouver-based artist who's journey so far has led to him focusing on the creation of music. We speak about Robert's journey as an artist from childhood, as well as how his upbringing has informed his decisions to-date. We speak on the stoic African father figure, relationships, early school memories and self-expression.

About Represented

Represented takes us on a journey through people’s lives. People from different backgrounds, with different interests, ambitions, motivations, needs and wants. Just like you, these people have something that wakes them up each day to fight their fight. As a host, Nyex explores a variety of conversations; ranging from light hearted, to deep and uncomfortable. All this is in an attempt to gain a wider perspective on each guest and hopefully learn something from their journey.