Season 1 Short Clip: Mik Narciso | God Called My Family To Canada

This is an excerpt from the Represented Podcast, hosted by yours truly. My guest Mik and I discussed why his family moved to Canada from the Philippines, as well as the implications on his angsty teen life at the time.


Mik Narciso comes from a family of Philippino pioneers who have given him the drive to search for his own expression of meaningful work. As he finds himself professionally in Greater Vancouver, Mik believes that improving communication is the basis of all productivity. Therefore based on this, Mik aspires to be a great communicator in all aspects of his life. In this episode, we explore some of the ways he has made steps to be better at communicating while exploring some of his early failures at doing so. From awkward female encounters to annoying managers, Mik shares his war stories and how he has observed his own evolution.


Want to hear more? Check out Mik's full episode.


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