Season 1 Short Clip: Maria Mwita | Standing Up To My Childhood Bully

This is an excerpt from the Represented Podcast, hosted by yours truly. I interviewed my friend Maria and she discussed her childhood experiences with bullying. This is one of the various stories she gave during the episode about how she dealt with a classmate that picked on her.

As she finds her way through life, education, and relationships, Maria maintains a high sense of self-worth; even at her worst. Having struggled with acceptance at a young age, Maria quickly learned to build herself up when nobody else would. In addition to growing pains, Maria attended a variety of schools in different countries, which further complicated her search for understanding. Today, this motivated Math major continues to face her fears and aims to help empower the next generation of African women to blow past their insecurities.


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Represented takes us on a journey through people’s lives. People from different backgrounds, with different interests, ambitions, motivations, needs and wants. Just like you, these people have something that wakes them up each day to fight their fight. As a host, Nyex explores a variety of conversations; ranging from light hearted, to deep and uncomfortable. All this is in an attempt to gain a wider perspective on each guest and hopefully learn something from their journey.


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