Episode 003: Ally Baharoon

Ally Baharoon is a child of Gerezani, Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania. His growth as a playwright, performer and comedian is rooted in how he saw the people of Gerezani work relentlessly to achieve their goals. Growing up, Ally noted how hard his mother worked, sharpening his awareness of the importance of "grinding". Conversely, Ally's late father gifted him with the spirit of exploration which has also been a catalyst for great things in his life; including his creativity. Centered on his ultimate truth and the search for creative ways to pass on a valuable message - "Shwanga" as Ally calls it - this English grad's work is chockful with meaning. With Ally's help, we uncover the true essence of "Shwanga" while discussing life, love, family and friendship (in Ally's opinion, there should be no delineation between "family" and "friend").


About Represented

Represented takes us on a journey through people’s lives. People from different backgrounds, with different interests, ambitions, motivations, needs and wants. Just like you, these people have something that wakes them up each day to fight their fight. As a host, Nyex explores a variety of conversations; ranging from light hearted, to deep and uncomfortable. All this is in an attempt to gain a wider perspective on each guest and hopefully learn something from their journey.