Episode 13: The Curious Case of Carl Tanzler

Mike and Mark make their first deep dive into the genre of true crime with the scary and VERY true story of Carl Tanzler.


00:00 Opening Song

00:41 Mike discovers some ancient relics

05:25 Today's topic and some poke

09:46 Introduction to Carl Tanzler

14:25 Introduction to Elena de Hoyos

19:15 The meeting of Carl and Elena

25:36 The death of Elena

29:05 Desacration of Elena's body

34:40 The discovery of Carl's secret

40:18 How to deal with a Carl Tanzler

42:20 Creature Feature


References and links:

Morbid Monday: The Macabre Romance of a Man and a Mummy by Jessica Guerra

The Macabre True Story of Carl Tanzler and His Corpse Bride by Gregory Burkart

Carl Tanzler from Wikipedia

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