Episode 9: Gargoyles, Gotesques, and Golems, Oh My!

Mike and Mark tackle the hardest (literally) monsters they've ever encountered. Join us as we talk about monsters made out of stone and clay!

As always, sometimes, we deal with some mature content.


00:00 Opening Song

01:21 Interview with Quasimodo

03:22 The New Shows on Geek Happy Network

06:27 History of Gargoyles and Grotesques

12:10 Gargoyles from Around the World

14:00 True Gargoyles

18:32 Gargoyle Sites

20:42 How to Kill Gargoyles

21:01 Golems Intro

23:01 Golem Folklore

29:54 The Golem of Vilna

36:01 Creature Feature

39:36 Takeaways from Stone Monsters

41:10 Golems and Frankenstein

44:19 Beating Golems


References and links:

Gargoyles - Gargoyles, Grotesques & Green Men: Ancient Symbolism in European & American Architecture written by Gary R Varner

Golem History - The Golem

The Golem of Vila Short Story - Yiddish Folktales edited by Beatrice Silverman Weinreich and translated by Leonard Wolf


About the show

In the Monster Slayer’s Guide, Mike Nevada and his rotating guest of monster slayers (who coincidentally all sound like Mike’s brother), analyze horror movies, so when that same monster comes to your town, you will know exactly how to destroy the evil from beyond the grave.


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