Episode 6: The Many Faces of the Aswang

Your resident Monster Slayers take a trip back home to the Philippines where they uncover the many secrets of the Aswang.

As always, sometimes, we deal with some mature content.


00:00 Opening Song

00:40 Interview with Boy Bangungot

06:20 Introduction to Aswangs

08:10 Aswang Type #1: the vampire

14:50 Aswang Type #2: the manananggal

17:42 How to kill an aswang

21:32 Aswang Type #3: the weredog

28:42 Aswang Type #4: the witch

32:55 Aswang Type #5: the ghoul

37:00 How to be an aswang

40:38 Creature Feature


About the show

In the Monster Slayer’s Guide, Mike Nevada and his rotating guest of monster slayers (who coincidentally all sound like Mike’s brother), analyze horror movies, so when that same monster comes to your town, you will know exactly how to destroy the evil from beyond the grave.


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