Episode 14: Dante's Inferno Part 1

After a short hiatus, your favorite monster slayers are back. Mike and Mark take a stroll around the deepest and darkest circles of Hell. This is the first part of our two-parter, covering Dante's Inferno!


00:00 Opening Song

01:38 Slayers travel to a new land

03:54 History of Dante Alighieri

09:30 The story of Dante's Inferno

11:25 Vestibule of hell

19:31 The first circle of hell

22:26 The second circle of hell

29:21 The third circle of hell

34:15 The fourth circle of hell

38:56 Creature Feature

41:29 Poke stop


References and links:

Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

Inferno from SparkNotes

Inferno (Dante) from Wikipedia


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In the Monster Slayer’s Guide, Mike Nevada and his rotating guest of monster slayers (who coincidentally all sound like Mike’s brother), analyze horror movies, so when that same monster comes to your town, you will know exactly how to destroy the evil from beyond the grave.


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