Episode 17: Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

From tales of the Dark Dragon all the way up to the Thirteenth Floor, your resident monster slayers run you through some of the best episodes of their favorite childhood horror show. So there's only one question to ask... Are you afraid of the dark?


00:00 Opening Song

00:40 Mike has an announcement

02:20 Housekeeping

05:08 Overview of Are You Afraid Of The Dark

08:38 The theme music

11:40 The Tale Of The Frozen Ghost

18:30 Trivia Time!

20:20 The Tale Of The Dark Dragon

30:44 Trivia Time!

32:27 The Tale Of The Doll Maker

37:46 Trivia Time!

38:50 The Tale Of The Renegade Virus

48:20 Trivia Time!

50:36 The Tale Of The Thirteenth Floor

59:11 Favourites

1:03:07 Creature Feature

1:11:14 Academy Sneak Peek #2

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In the Monster Slayer’s Guide, Mike Nevada and his rotating guest of monster slayers (who coincidentally all sound like Mike’s brother), analyze horror movies, so when that same monster comes to your town, you will know exactly how to destroy the evil from beyond the grave.


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