Episode 12: SEVIRIA COSPLAY & Geeks Vs Nerds Vancouver

We have a crazy, fun and DIFFERENT kind of episode for you this week! We love trying new things, and involving different kinds of people! This week we have Seviria Cosplay on the show, who is making strides in the cosplay world, boasting over 251,000 Instagram followers. We ask her how she got started, what kind of creepy fan interactions she has had, we play Would You Rather, and Who'd You Rather, plus we visit some of her and Jay's High School memories!

We also have Andrew Lynch, producer Geeks Versus Nerds Vancouver on the show, and he's going to talk to us all about his favourite debates from the show, how it got started, and we're even going to have a debate of our own! (Katniss Everdeen Vs. Bella Swan- who would win in a fight?

About the show

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, ladies and gentlemen and everything in between!  We are not your average podcast, we think. We're kind of just saying that. Because we do whatever we want here on The Jay & Tay Show. With our fun segments, we get real about things like Sex, Love, Friendships, and everything else that goes on in our day to day lives!