Episode 6: Race Forever with Gaby Narciso (Hard Mode)

In today's episode, a recent adventurer of malls, Gaby Narciso, joins us on a journey to Kenya he must race a strange race and win the African rallies.  Will he survive the treacherous roads of Kenya or will he succumb to evil bad road snakes? Find out in today’s episode of An Adventure in Choosing.


00:00 Introduction

01:20 Game introductions and rules

06:14 Ken chooses his adventure difficulty

07:40 The adventure begins

37:03 The adventure ends


Race Forever is written by R.A. Montgomery


You can learn more about Journey Under The Sea and where to get your own copy at https://www.cyoa.com


About our hero

Gaby Narciso is an aspiring teacher who is currently helping the youths of Vancouver live a better life. He is also the younger brother of Mik.


About An Adventure in Choosing

Join the host and a rotating cast of guests they venture through the lost pages of gamebooks (ie. Choose Your Own Adventure Books). Will our heroes survive and make it to the next page? Or will they suffer a fate worse than death? It’s all about in choices, here, in An Adventure in Choosing.


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