Episode 3: House of Danger with Iya Yujuico

Adventure in Choosing is back with a new host and a new format! Our new host will take today's hero, Iya, for a journey through the House of Danger. Will Iya find the magical secrets of the house? Will she find the aliens preparing for an invasion or will she meet demise from monkeys? 


00:00 Introduction

01:20 Game introductions and rules

04:25 Iya chooses her adventure

05:45 The adventure begins


House of Danger is written by R.A. Montgomery


About our hero 

Iya Yujuico is a professional make-up artist in film. With a recent rediscovery for loving apple juice, she also enjoys watching British dramas and trying out new flavors of food. Check out her work at:




About An Adventure in Choosing

Join the host and a rotating cast of guests they venture through the lost pages of gamebooks (ie. Choose Your Own Adventure Books). Will our heroes survive and make it to the next page? Or will they suffer a fate worse than death? It’s all about in choices, here, in An Adventure in Choosing.


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