Episode 4: Escape with Mike Nevada

Today's hero, Mike, goes on an adventure so not far, far away. As a leader of a resistance force fighting an oppressive government,  Mike must escape from captive and return the invasion plans of the enemy back home. 

00:00 Introduction

01:20 Game introductions and rules

06:50 Mike chooses his adventure

07:57 The adventure begins


Escape is written by R.A. Montgomery


You can learn more about Escape and where to get your own copy at goodreads.com/book/show/190936.Escape


About our hero 

Mike Nevada is the creative director and founder of Geek Hapyy Network. With a true heart for adventure games and books, he is also the creator of this show.

About An Adventure in Choosing

Join the host and a rotating cast of guests they venture through the lost pages of gamebooks (ie. Choose Your Own Adventure Books). Will our heroes survive and make it to the next page? Or will they suffer a fate worse than death? It’s all about in choices, here, in An Adventure in Choosing.


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