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About Geek Happy Network

The Geek Happy Network was built to create the very best in audible auricle entertainment ie. podcasts! Whether we’re talking about horror movies through the lens of ACTUAL monster slayers, or showcasing our narrative-based podcasts, we are proud to invade the pop culture landscape with our personal brand of quirkiness. Let’s make podcasts weird again. Don’t worry, Geek Happy.

Geek Happy History

Geek Happy Network was founded in 2014 as an editorial based website focused on Geeks with diverse backgrounds. Starting with the flagship podcast, Geek Happy Hour, we offered reviews and opinions on the latest in pop culture. Beginning early 2017, however, we decided to reinvent the website into something closer to our hearts. We wanted to create a network of podcasts that were polished, interesting, and, most importantly, fun. Starting with Monster’s Slayers Guide for Slaying Monsters and An Adventure in Choosing, we are hoping you’ll drop by and listen to our unique brand of weird, with more podcasts in development in our modest mad scientist lab.


The Team