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The Monster Slayer's Guide to Slaying Monsters

In the Monster Slayer’s Guide, Mike Nevada and his rotating guest of monster slayers (who coincidentally all sound like Mike’s brother), analyze horror movies, so when that same monster comes to your town, you will know exactly how to destroy the evil from beyond the grave.


Episode 09: Stone Monsters

Coming in March 12



Book 'n Bitch

Geek Happy Network happily introduces the newest member of the family!

A chit-chat critique of young adult media from then and now, filled with laughter, snark, and 2 potty-mouth hosts.




An Adventure IN Choosing

Join the host and a rotating cast of guests they venture through the lost pages of gamebooks (ie. Choose Your Own  Adventure Books). Will our heroes survive and make it to the next page? Or will they suffer a fate worse than death? It’s all about in choices, here, in An Adventure in Choosing.



Episode 02: Space and Beyond

Coming in March 9-ish

ThE Jay And Tay Show

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, ladies and gentlemen and everything in between!  We are not your average podcast, we think. We're kind of just saying that. Because we do whatever we want here on The Jay & Tay Show. With our fun segments, we get real about things like Sex, Love, Friendships, and everything else that goes on in our day to day lives!



Leafing Through the Frames

Welcome to Leafing Through The Frames, where I review, analyze, and read way too much into movies because I simply can't stop thinking about them.


Coming soon...

Miss us? Don’t worry! We are hard at work creating all-new shows for our growing network of podcasts. More to come soon!

We always want to include our community, so if you have a podcast idea, or one you're already working on let us know by staying in touch!


About Geek Happy Network

The Geek Happy Network was built to create the very best in audible auricle entertainment ie. podcasts! Whether we’re talking about horror movies through the lens of ACTUAL monster slayers, or showcasing our narrative-based podcasts, we are proud to invade the pop culture landscape with our personal brand of quirkiness. Let’s make podcasts weird again. Don’t worry, Geek Happy.


Geek Happy History

Geek Happy Network was founded in 2014 as an editorial based website focused on Geeks with diverse backgrounds. Starting with the flagship podcast, Geek Happy Hour, we offered reviews and opinions on the latest in pop culture. Beginning early 2017, however, we decided to reinvent the website into something closer to our hearts. We wanted to create a network of podcasts that were polished, interesting, and, most importantly, fun. Starting with Monster’s Slayers Guide for Slaying Monsters and An Adventure in Choosing, we are hoping you’ll drop by and listen to our unique brand of weird, with more podcasts in development in our modest mad scientist lab.


The Team


Michael Nevada - Creative God

He's a cool dude. Just take our word for it. Co-founder of GHN, also writes all the podcasts n' stuff.


Mik Narciso - Boss Man

Basically. Co-founder of GHN and keeps the rest of us in-line. Like his Martini with a lemon twist.


Curtis Stockermans - Cutie Pie

Worker bee and eater of food. Master of the interwebs, mind of a demi-god.